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Lucy Ultra, Ollie Ultra, and Emma Pet... What's the Difference?

Lucy Ultra, Ollie Ultra, and Emma Pet... What's the Difference?

Not sure which robot vacuum is the right one for you? First, let’s determine what your needs are. Do you have carpet and hardwood floors? Do you have pets with lots of pet hair to clean up? Do you have a lot of obstacles within your house or apartment? Or are your floors pretty barren? Whatever your answers may be, here is a guide to help you make the best decision.

Emma Pet Robot Vacuum

Emma Pet

Emma Pet is great for those on a budget and those who don’t need a camera or other extraordinary features. It’s smart but simple with 4,000Pa suction power, a pet hair extractor, and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and primary filters. It also has the largest dustbin out of the three models which means you can suck up more pet hair. But because it does not have a camera, it will not have object recognition. If you have a larger home, more space, or more furniture, we suggest looking for something with better object avoidance, which can be found in the other Trifo models.

Ollie Ultra Robot Vacuum for Pets

Ollie Ultra

Ollie Ultra is the next step above Emma Pet. It looks very similar to Emma Pet but with a golden color. Ollie Ultra has a Dual-Camera (Full HD and Depth Camera), 4,000Pa suction power, and includes an air freshener that doubles as a laser pointer for pets, a pet hair extractor, and a dustbin/tank combo for mopping capabilities. Ollie Ultra has HEPA filters and night vision so it runs better in low-light and at night which is a step-up from Emma Pet. The camera and motion detection alert also serves as a pet camera or home security system which Emma Pet does not have. 

Lucy Ultra Robot Vacuum

Lucy Ultra

If you are looking to spoil yourself or a special someone… Lucy Ultra is the perfect gift that has it all! Whether it’s for your mom, partner, busy friend, or a treat to yourself, Lucy Ultra is the best and premium AI robot vacuum for anyone’s home. With its advanced Dual Camera, Lucy Ultra learns with each cleaning and can provide precise mapping and object detection. It can recognize 70 different objects as small as 1 inch. It’s also compatible with both 2.4G and 5G wifi networks. Using the handy Trifo App, you can set no-go zones, and designate rooms for more efficient cleaning. No carpet? No problem. Lucy Ultra robot vacuum also comes with interchangeable mopping pads to help mop your hardwood floors or tiles! Even more advanced is the home protection feature. The Day and Night Camera and Motion Detection sends alerts to your phone through the Trifo App if your robot vacuum detects movement in your home while you’re away. This can serve as a pet camera. Turn on the livestream video from the app so you can check on your furry friends while you’re out and about! Lucy Ultra serves as a home security system while cleaning your floors at the same time. 

Trifo Robot Vacuum Lucy Ultra

The Similarities

All 3 Trifo robot vacuums have a 4000Pa suction power so you don’t have to worry about missed particles or dust. Trifo robot vacuums have the best suction power in the market while other brands only have a 1500-2000Pa suction power. All the Trifo robot vacuums have app controls, scheduled cleaning, automatic self-charging, adjustable suction power, and smart home integration with Alexa and Google compatibility. In addition, they all have the pet hair extractor so any of the 3 models are great for homes with pets!

The Differences

Lucy Ultra is the most unique and advanced model compared to Ollie Ultra and Emma Pet with object recognition and object avoidance for things as small as 1 inch including clothes, chords, and even pet accidents. Lucy Ultra is the only model with 5G wifi compatibility. Emma Pet is the only model that does not have a camera. But Emma Pet does have a larger dustbin if you don’t need to mop. Although Emma Pet has mopping capability and includes mopping pads, the mopping function is not as advanced as in the Ollie Ultra and Lucy Ultra where you can adjust the water power.

Trifo Robot Vacuum Comparison Diagram