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We believe every home deserves to be a smart home.

Our Story

Trifo is a full stack AI home robot company founded in 2016. Our mission at Trifo is to make smart home appliances more accessible for all. We believe comfort, ease, and convenience should be more attainable for anyone. Our goal is to bring the most advanced technology to more homes and empower people to live healthier, happier, fuller lives both inside and outside of the home. We do the cleaning, you do the living.

Our vision is to create affordable indoor autonomous robots to solve everyday problems with comfort, fun, and security solutions that work together, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. And the more homes we are in, the more accessible and affordable robots we can build for all the families around the world.

What We Believe In

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Never Settle

We are driven by curiosity and a questioning mind that refuses to accept the status quos. To dare, to dream and to create new benchmarks is the oxygen that keeps us going.

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Substance Over Hype

We believe in letting our breakthroughs speak for themselves. Our meaningful innovation reverberates stronger than the hollow claims found elsewhere.

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Fair Pricing for Technology

We aim to delight by offering the latest technologies with incredible value at the fairest prices. Value that is greater than the norm or even greater than what you would be expect.

Smart Lifestyle

Leave No One Behind

We define success by the lives we touch and make a meaningful difference to. True impact happens when the best of innovation is accessible to all. For all of us to succeed, each one of us must succeed.

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Company Info

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Leading Innovations

Trifo has been granted approximately 50 U.S. and Chinese patents and have filed for more than 70 additional patents globally. Trifo's proprietary algorithms have been published at top robotics conferences such as ICRA & IROS.

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Protecting Privacy

We design Trifo products to protect your privacy and give you control over your data. Images and videos are never stored in any cloud system.

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International Offices

From our headquarter in Santa Clara, California, to offices in China, Europe, and Japan, our teams span the globe. With more than 50% of our team consisting of engineers, we’re diligently working to make every home smart.

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