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Trifo’s Pet-Focused Ollie Robot Vacuum Is Full of Features
For as much we love them, pets can (and will) produce a lot of hair and trying to keep up with it all can be exhausting.
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Trifo Ollie vacuum review: pet-friendly performance
Ollie is a robot vacuum from Trifo that’s designed for pet owners. Specifically, it’s built to pull loose fur out of every nook and cranny
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Not Only Cleans up but Also Protects Your Home!
Trifo Lucy received the CES 2020 Editor's Choice Award because of its advanced feature combination, which includes ...
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TRIFO Ollie Pet Edition AI Robot Vacuum, with laser pointer
Here is a company that knows how to make the most of a robot vacuum that is designed for pet owners.
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Interesting Smart Products And Companies To Keep An Eye On
Lucy’s breakout feature, though, is that it can patrol your home and use its camera to send you alerts
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Trifo Lucy brings the future of AI robots to your home
Trifo’s family of AI home robots are the next step in the evolution of automated cleaning.
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Trifo Launches Lucy and Lucy Pet Edition
The first home robot to interact and learn home environments using innovative AI technology
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Poop-Spotting Cameras Could Be This Robovac's Secret Weapon
Being able to accurately gauge distances would also bolster Lucy’s ability to intelligently map a room
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This AI-robot cleans your floors and guards your doors
Meet Lucy, an AI bot that fulfills the jobs of a Roomba as well as a Nest Security Cam.
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Trifo raises $15M, announces new robot vacuum
Trifo has just raised a $15 million Series B, bringing its total funding up to $26 million.
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Trifo Ollie Pet Robot Vacuum Review
Trifo Ollie Pet which not only cleans your floor but also picks up pet hair without getting them entangled in the brush
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Trifo Emma Review: The Essential Robot Vacuum
This is a slick robot vac with an easy-to-use app and a motor that’s a little more powerful
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Full stack AI home robots with Prasanna Krishnasamy
Prasanna Krishnasamy, Director of Perception at Trifo, shares his knowledge on robotic vacuums.
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