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Incredible suction power to keep pet hair and allergens out, so you can breathe easy
Smart enough to keep homes safe 24/7 with its built-in security cam with motion detection.
Enjoy top-of-range premium robotic vacuum technology without the premium price.
“Lucy’s 4000Pa suction power is among the most powerful on the market today.”
"The Trifo Ollie is positioned as a pet-first and pet-friendly vacuum cleaner, and it absolutely delivers."
“Lucy will also continue to get smarter the more you use it.”
"A breakout solution that changes the traditional robot vacuum paradigm"
Purchase with peace of mind
Return it for free within 60 days for a full refund.
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as low as $19/month.
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Receive it in 3 to 7 business days.
Warranties without worry
One year limited warranty.
Clarity when you need it
Our products are backed by our dedicated support team.

Works in harmony with leading smart home ecosystems.

Set up Trifo vacuums effortlessly with the Trifo app.

One billion hours are spent on cleaning each year

We create a family of home robots that takes care of your home so you’re free to enjoy the rest of your life.

About Us
Ollie Ultra cleaning the dog hair from the floor

Loved by many

Founded in 2016, Trifo wants to end the cycle of cleaning, and give you the time to enjoy things that truly matter. Every robot vacuum is tested robustly for a care-free experience.

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Lucy Ultra on the Floor

”Not only does it maneuver its way around obstacles like no other robotic vacuum I’ve owned~ (This is my 3rd) it’s impressively quiet!”

Barbra Wane

“It’s hard to find robot vacuums that work really well. I took a chance with this one and I have no regrets. The power is very strong the app is user friendly and the robot it’s self is looks really nice. The clean up is very fast and simple.”

Joan Okanda

“I think it is smarter than others. Very worth it to buy.“

Jessie Wu

“You will feel it gets smarter and smarter; you can view the work detail in your phone and schedule cleaning.”

Charles Mark

“I love my Trifo-Emma!It vacuums my house first floor which is about 3,000sqft. I keep my house extremely clean, so I have to empty the vacuum once a week, and it runs every morning at 8"

Wayne Walter