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Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life doing the same tedious chore over and over... then the answer is… YES! 

Save Time With a Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Based on a study by mulberry cleaners, most people will spend the equivalent of between 61 and 69 days vacuuming before they die. That’s two whole months out of your life! We all know time is precious. Why spend hours of it on a tedious never-ending chore that can be taken care of by your handy home helper? With just a push of a button, the Trifo robot vacuum family can take care of it for you while you sit back and relax. 

Are Robot Vacuums Worth it

Open The Doors to a Bright Domestic Future 

Don’t miss out as the world shifts toward smarter homes with smart home appliances. Statista estimates that there were over 52.2 million smart homes across the United States in 2021, a 10% increase from 2020. By 2026, the number of smart homes is expected to reach 84.9 million. Don’t let mundane household tasks take over your home-life and don’t be left in the dust!

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It

Lighter, Quieter, and Leaves Room for More 

Standard vacuums are heavy, clunky, and don’t leave much room in your closet. With robot vacuums, you no longer have to waste your energy on pushing giant clunky machines back and forth around your entire house. Upright vacuums can weigh upwards of 20 pounds which can turn vacuuming into a laborious workout! For the elderly and disabled, vacuuming may be incredibly taxing or even be out of the question. Dealing with chords is another hassle that you can definitely go without, not to mention the loud disrupting noises. With any of the Trifo robot vacuums, you can change the noise level by changing the suction power.

Trifo Home App Robot Vacuum

Are Robot Vacuums Reliable? 

Robot vacuums are obviously more complex than your standard stick or barrel vacuum. With more factors and features involved such as smart mapping, automation, app integration, and more, are they reliable? 

Trifo offers 1 year warranty for all robot vacuums purchased directly from so that you can put your worries to rest. All you have to do is contact Support! It’s that easy.

Trifo Robot Vacuum and Home App

What’s the Catch? 

Hands-free housekeeping is an investment. Some robot vacuums may cost an arm and a leg. But Trifo is the first robot vacuum brand to make advanced features more affordable. Trifo’s Lucy Ultra robot vacuum has precise home mapping and object avoidance, recognizes objects as small as 1 inch, and even has optional day and night camera and motion detector alerts for added home security. 

Whether you’re out and about or sound asleep, this robot vacuum can keep your home spotless and protected. Trifo’s Lucy Ultra robot vacuum can clean with 4000 pa suction power which is perfect for hardwood, carpet, and tile. With its precise mapping and object detection capabilities, Lucy Ultra can recognize 70 different types of objects with its dual cameras. The AI is so advanced that Lucy Ultra can even avoid pet accidents. The advanced Time-of-Flight depth sensors also equips Lucy Ultra with the ability to efficiently navigate the home while avoiding danger zones such as staircases. 

Robot vacuums from other brands with the same advanced features may break the bank but Trifo’s mission is to make freedom from chores more accessible to all with affordable models like Emma Pet, Ollie Ultra, and Lucy Ultra.

Trifo Robot Vacuum and Cat

So Are Robot Vacuums Worth It? 

Robot vacuums are an investment worth looking into. Being able to take even just one thing off your to-do list every week is a peace of mind that is more valuable than you may realize. Being able to keep your floors clean from allergens, dust, dirt, and pet hair on the regular and not even having to be home to be able to do so can provide a sense of ease to your everyday life. Experience freedom with Trifo!