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A Smarter Way to Clean Your Home

A Smarter Way to Clean Your Home

For many, keeping a clean home can sometimes be overwhelming especially with busy schedules. But research shows that the cleanliness of your home can have a direct impact on mental health. According to this study, women who have described their homes as messy or cluttered had higher cortisol levels and an increased depressed mood while women who have described their homes as clean had the contrary. The positive effects of having a clean home can often be overlooked and understated. But even just 20-30 minutes a day of keeping up small habits can do wonders for your mood and everyday life! Here are some tips for smarter ways to clean your home. 

Cleaning Tips For Your Home

1. Declutter Your Home

The best and easiest way to start, is to get rid of all your clutter. Make sure your home appliances and personal belongings each have a place within your home. Compartmentalize and group items together using storage bins and cabinets to make things more organized. For example, keep all children’s and pets’ toys inside a bin in the closet. Hang clothes in your closet, keep books on the shelves, organize toiletries inside drawers, etc. Putting items away back to their designated spot after each use is the first step to keeping your home clean. And it only takes seconds to do!

Wash Your Dishes

2. Wash Your Dishes Right After Cooking and Eating

The more you put off washing your dishes, the more you won’t want to do them later. As they pile up, this chore becomes increasingly overwhelming. And the longer you leave them to dry in the sink, the harder it will be to clean the pieces of food off the plates. Washing your dishes should only take 10 minutes so make sure to do them after you eat and before you forget.

Trifo Robot Vacuum

3. Vacuum and Mop Hands-free with AI

Once your house is de-cluttered, it’s time to vacuum and mop! But don’t fret. These menial chores can be completely automated with the future of AI and robot vacuums. Now you don’t even have to get up in order to have clean floors! Trifo’s robot vacuums are so smart that they can even map your home for designated room-by-room cleaning. Take Trifo’s Lucy Ultra robot vacuum for example; it has an HDR color camera and advanced depth sensor which ensures highly accurate distance mapping, 3D imaging, and object scanning even in low-light conditions. That means the Lucy Ultra robot vacuum can detect and avoid objects as small as 1 inch and recognizes and avoids danger zones such as staircases and pet accidents. You can also control all of Lucy Ultra’s features through the Trifo App, set no-go zones, and get security surveillance videos via the security cam and motion detector alerts. Lucy Ultra even has interchangeable mopping pads so you can mop your hardwood floors. Why waste your valuable time vacuuming and mopping every week if you can get a handy personal helper to do it for you?

Making Your Bed

4. Make Your Bed

Although it’s such a small accomplishment, making your bed sets the tone for the rest of your day. Your bed takes the center stage in your bedroom so if that is clean, it will make the rest of your room look tidier. By simply taking a minute or two, this habit will inspire a chain of other good decisions throughout your day, giving you a sense of control over your life. 

Trifo robot vacuum

5. Make Cleaning Feel Less Like a Chore

It’s hard to imagine trying to make cleaning fun. But it’s possible. With the Lucy Ultra robot vacuum’s manual controls, you can drive the robot around your house like Pacman eating crumbs! Having a strange but cool robot companion to do your chores makes vacuuming so much more enjoyable and interesting. Having a cool tech product to do things for you makes cleaning fun and something you actually look forward to!

Trifo robot vacuum

A Smarter Way to a Better Life

Home should be your safe haven where you can unwind and feel at peace after a long day. When life gets crazy and chaotic, keeping your home tidy may be the last of your priorities. Be patient and kind to yourself and start with doing something small. Little by little, things will get easier!