Meet Max

I Am the Smartest Home Surveillance Robot Vacuum Around

I Protect While I Clean

Does your vacuum let you know where the dog is or if someone is trying to break into your house? I do! I am the smartest home surveillance home robot vacuum around. Does your vacuum see and listen while it cleans? I do! I include the latest AI technology and do the hard work so you can focus on what’s important.

I am protective

Motion, audio and person detection to protect my family

I keep an eye on our home. My family can set up alert notifications, trigger automatic video recording and schedule patrolling times.

I am smart

Intelligent sensing, perception and decision making

I continuously learn my home and improve my understanding. I create real-time maps so I always know where I am and going.

I am strong

Powerful suction and a strong battery make me better

I pick up cookie crumbs, baking spills, sand and more like it’s nothing. My suction is 3000Pa and my battery life is up to 120 minutes.

I am efficient

Size matters: bigger brushes mean better cleaning around the home

My large main brush lets me clean more quickly and my six-claw side brush reaches deep into corners, dust bunnies beware!



Trifo Home App

Trifo Home is a mobile app connecting your Trifo AI home robot. You can control the robot through the app which provides more information and functionalities than traditional remotes.


User-friendly Interface

It’s easy to view an image of the area cleaned, check how much time spent, and how much battery is left.


Live Streaming Video

Track the robot movements using a real-time map. You can also live view your home on your phone when you’re at work or traveling.


Advanced Manual Control Mode

When “Manual Control” mode is on, you can maneuver the robot vacuum around to clean and/or monitor designated areas of your house.