The robot vacuum
designed for pet owners.


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4,000 Pa


600 ml

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Ollie captures
allergens in the air.

Ollie makes less
odor, more smile.

Did Ollie say it got
a laser pointer?

Fun & Fresh Laser Pointer

I can eliminate odor
while vacuuming.

Industry’s first air freshener in a robot vacuum. Ollie is designed and engineered to help fight against odors while vacuuming.

Ollie entertains your pets.

with detachable laser pointer

I see everything,
so you’ll never miss the first howl.

Ollie’s HD 1080P camera and optional live stream video camera, you can easily listen, talk, and record your furry friends whenever. Best of all, Ollie can vacuum your home as you talk to them.

True color camera with day and night vision.

Engineered with HD 1080P and ToF (Time-of-flight) depth camera, Ollie robot vacuum can detect objects even in low night conditions. Compared other sensors, Ollie's ToF depth camera offers better object depth measurement, and less falling accidents.

I am at your command.

Use the Trifo Home app to customize Ollie’s cleaning routines, including areas to clean, and zones to avoid. Or, say the words to your smart gadgets, and Ollie will get right to work.

Ollie Pet Model

I can capture allergens in the room.

Eliminating allergens is made easy with Ollie's built-in HEPA and activated charcoal filter. Ensuring the air in the room is fresh and clean.

Pet Hair Free Extractor and 4000Pa Suction.

We made hair cleaning easy with Pet Hair Extractor, a special brushless attachment. The Pet Hair Extractor allows suction airflow to Ollie more easily and gets all the hairs and dust-bunnies. Never worry about cleaning hairs off the brush, just simply empty the dustbin!

Pysy aina lähellä kotia

Ollie and the Trifo Home App work together to bring home with you, wherever life takes you.

käsi pitelee puhelinta, jonka Trifo-sovelluksessa näkyy Max ja aikataulutettu siivous käsi pitelee puhelinta, jonka Trifo-sovellus on henkilön tunnistuksessa käsi pitelee puhelinta, jonka Trifo-sovelluksessa näkyy Max hand holding a phone with trifo app showing max with one-tap cleaning käsi pitelee puhelinta, jonka Trifo-sovelluksessa näkyy Max käsi pitelee puhelinta, jonka Trifo-sovelluksessa näkyy Max

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Trifo Ollie AI Home Robot Vacuum