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Top 10 Tips to Make Your Home Cozier For Winter

Trifo Robot Vacuum Top 10 Tips to Make Your Home Cozier
Get cozy this winter with these top 10 tips for decorating your home, bundling up in fuzzy accessories, and making your indoor space a safe haven for colder weather and the holidays.

      Pothos Plants

      1. Cover Your Home with Pothos Plants
      The Pothos plant, otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy, is the easiest plant to take care of. They do well in bright indirect light as well as low light with minimal watering needed so it’s perfect for any indoor space. 

      Candles for your home

      1. Light your place with candles and warm lights
      There’s nothing cozier than a candle lit house in winter. Make sure to get fall-scented candles such as pumpkin, apple, or cinnamon scents. Stores like Kohl’s, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx are the perfect places to find cheap candles.

      Cozy Home with Mirror

      1. Invest in some giant mirrors
      We want you to feel cozy, not claustrophobic! Having nice large mirrors around your place will really open the space up and create the illusion of a bigger space instead of making you feel closed in and trapped.

      Abstract Art Painting for Home

      1. Hang some abstract art
      Choose a color palette that works for your home or go monochromatic to create a soothing effect that makes you feel like your life is all put together.

      Dog in Throw Blanket Cozy

      1. Add soft throw blankets
      Draping them over a comfy couch will add to the coziness. It’s not winter unless you’re snuggled up in all your blankets especially with your furry friends. Your pets will love you for it!

      Espresso Machine for Lattes

      1. Make lattes at home with an espresso machine
      Love coffee but tired of spending $7 per cup at Starbucks? Now is the time to finally invest in your own espresso machine! Get the breville espresso machine for the perfect lattes. Teach yourself how to make lattes by watching these Youtube video tutorials.

      Bookshelf for cozy home

      1. Add a nice bookshelf and start a collection
      Having a classy bookshelf in your living room or bedroom really adds to the cozy aesthetic. Plus you can impress your visitors and your books on display can be a great conversation starter!

      How to make your home cozy with rugs

      1. Keep your floors cozy with a nice rug
      Hardwood floors can get really cold during the winter months. No home is complete without some rugs. Especially ones that match the color scheme of your living space. Make sure the shape of your rug matches the shape of the room so that you don't end up closing up the space.

      Fuzzy Slippers for Christmas Gift Ideas

      1. Warm up your feet with fuzzy slippers
      Keep your feet warm all winter long with some cute fuzzy slippers. Let your quirky personality shine with animal shaped slippers or stay classy and chic with some beige toned slippers. If you need gift ideas, slippers also make great stocking stuffers for Christmas too. 

      How to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter with Trifo Robot Vacuum for Pets

      1. Make sure your home is clean with Trifo!
      Your home can’t be cozy with clutter! Make sure it’s organized and clean. Trifo can help and you won’t even have to lift a finger so you can spend the holidays finally relaxing as you should!