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5 Reasons Why I Love Lucy

Trifo Lucy Ultra Robot Vacuum
Lucy Ultra Packaging
1. Flawless Packaging

When I first opened my Lucy Ultra robot vacuum, I was already in love. The packaging is so sleek and clean, it truly looks and feels like a luxury product. This was my first robot vacuum so I didn’t know what to expect but I’ve definitely never seen a prettier robot! The glossy black and gold colors are so classy- just looking at Lucy makes me feel happy!

Trifo Robot Vacuum App

2. Easy Set-Up

Setting Lucy up was so easy. All I had to do was download the Trifo Home App and follow the instructions. It was really cool seeing Lucy scan the QR code from my phone. Once it connected, all I had to do was press “clean” for Lucy to work. I could see the mapping directly from my phone and adjust the noise level by toggling between the different suction power levels. It didn’t take Lucy too long to map out my apartment and it successfully avoided all of my furniture without even bumping into it. I was impressed!

Lucy Ultra robot vacuum

3. Peace and Quiet

Ever since I got the Lucy Ultra, I haven’t touched my other clunky vacuum in months! I never have to lift a finger anymore and I don’t even have to be home while my robot vacuum cleans. I hate how loud other vacuums are but now I can just have Lucy clean while I’m out and about so I don’t have to worry about the noise. I absolutely love coming home to clean floors and a fresh apartment that I now call my sanctuary.

Lucy Ultra Robot Vacuum

4. Easy Emptying

Since I never owned a robot vacuum, I thought it would be as complicated and annoying as emptying a normal vacuum but it’s so much easier! Emptying Lucy only takes a couple of minutes. I empty it after a couple runs but the frequency will depend on the size of your home and the amount of dust and debris you have. It might be self-explanatory for some, but for someone like me, I really prefer watching a video. Fortunately, there’s plenty of video tutorials on Trifo’s social media like this one

Lucy Ultra Robot Vacuum

5. Low Maintenance

Just like any other machine, robot vacuums do need a little maintenance. But taking care of my Lucy Ultra and making sure it lasts long is really easy. The part that needs the most attention is probably the side brush. After many uses, I can imagine that the side brushes will get a little frayed. But since I purchased the accessory kit, which includes a set of 3 side brushes, I haven’t had to change them out yet. Other than that, the main brush and the filters may need to be changed every year or so but it’s really easy to replace them since the accessories can be purchased separately on the website.