Trifo to Launch Its Newest AI-powered Home Robot at IFA 2019 | Trifo

Trifo to Launch Its Newest AI-powered Home Robot at IFA 2019


Trifo®, full stack AI home robot company and creator of intelligent home robots that see, hear, speak and clean.


On September 4, Trifo will announce its newest, smartest, AI-powered flagship home robot at IFA, Europe’s largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade show. Trifo is creating a smart home ecosystem that is powered by AI, bringing intelligence to the home of the future. Current products include:

Ironpie M6 Robot Vacuum – Smart home robot that quickly cleans with 10 percent more efficiently than competitors, protects furniture with obstacle avoidance, secures your home with a home monitoring camera feature and costs $200 less than other robot vacuums with comparable or more advanced features on the market.

Ironpie M6+ Robot Vacuum – Includes all the same great features and functions as M6 with an interchangeable water tank for additional mopping capabilities.


People are busier than ever before, and are turning to smart home robots to complete labor-intensive tasks quickly and efficiently. Some may find housework such as cleaning floors to be enjoyable, many find it to be a burdening task. With the increasing implementation of AI technologies, smart robots will soon penetrate into people’s daily life.


Wednesday, September 4 – Wednesday, September 11, 2019
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CEST


IFA Berlin, booth 112, SmartHome Center of SmartBuilding Lounge
Berlin ExpoCenter City
Messe Berlin GmbH

About Trifo

Trifo home robots offer families the optimal balance between family, work and personal life. Our vision is to create a family or home robots that help people live better by doing work around the home so people can focus on what’s important.

Founded in 2016, Trifo, a Silicon Valley-based company, is a full stack AI home robot company. Focusing on indoor home environments, Trifo has been developing an end-to-end integrated hardware/software system with sensing, perception, and decision capabilities. The Trifo robot is on a mission to serve as the smart autonomous agent to better help people organize and interact with home environments via perceiving physics, geometry, and semantics of home environments, communicating with humans in a natural way, and continuously learning new skills with advanced AI technologies.

Trifo has been granted approximately 40 U.S. and Chinese patents, and has filed for more than 70 additional patents globally in U.S., Europe, and China. Trifo’s proprietary algorithms have been published at top robotics conferences such as ICRA and IROS.

Trifo Contact:

Katie Everett
Phone: +1 415.397.7600