Meet Ironpie

Keeps Your Home Safe
from Dust, Dirt and Intruders.

Cleans and Protects

Keeps Your Home Safe from Dust, Dirt, Spills and Intruders

Ironpie m6

AI-Powered Robot Vacuum

An AI-powered robot vacuum that vacuums up dirt, dust, crumbs – even sand – like no one’s business


Ironpie m6+

3-in-1 Mopping, Vacuuming and Sweeping

It vacuums up everything m6 does and more – cleans up spills and mops with interchangeable water tank


Arrests Dust + Spills

With an interchangeable water tank, m6+ also cleans up spills

Cleans at least 10 percent more efficiently, based on its advanced multi-sensor vision system.

Protects Furniture

Cordons off furniture from damage in bright and low-light

Offers powerful obstacle sensing capabilities based on infrared and sonar sensors.

Monitors Homes

Polices your home to protect you against unwanted intruders

Secures your valuables, check out what’s happening at home while you’re away.

Costs Less

Protects your wallet as well as your home, with many advanced features

Costs roughly $200 less than other robot vacuums, with comparable or more advanced features.

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Nothing Cleans and Protects like Ironpie

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Trifo Home App

Trifo Home is a mobile app connecting your Trifo AI home robot. You can control the robot through the app which provides more information and functionalities than traditional remotes.


User-friendly Interface

It’s easy to view an image of the area cleaned, check how much time spent, and how much battery is left.


Live Streaming Video

Track the robot movements using a real-time map. You can also live view your home on your phone when you’re at work or traveling.


Advanced Manual Control Mode

When “Manual Control” mode is on, you can maneuver the robot vacuum around to clean and/or monitor designated areas of your house.